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La domanda di iscrizione alla SIGU verrà vagliata e approvata dal Consiglio Direttivo , dopo questa approvazione formale la segreteria provvederà all'inserimento nell'elenco soci dei nuovi nominativi e all'invio della corrispondenza di pertinenza.
Il versamento della quota associativa annua dovrà essere effettuato solo dopo l'accettazione della domanda di iscrizione alla Società. « continua »


18 Lug 2019
19 Giu 2019
31 Mag 2019
31 Mag 2019
31 Mag 2019
24 Mag 2019

The EBMG was formed in June 2012 and became a legal entity in June 2014, a non-for profit association under Austrian law, registry number ZVR: 616719544.
The EBMG is set up to serve the needs of patients who use genetic services in Europe through ensuing good standards of practice in three professional branches:
Clinical laboratory geneticists (CLGs); Genetic nurses and genetic counsellors
Medical genetics and genomics

25 Mar 2015

The 1000 Genomes Project is the first project to sequence the genomes of a large number of people, to provide a comprehensive resource on human genetic variation.

25 Mar 2015

Agenas is a technical-scientific Agency of the Italian National Health Services; it promotes collaboration at the different levels of the NHS and it is involved in monitoring, conducting studies and elaborating proposals to share with the Ministry of Health and the Italian Regions.

25 Mar 2015

The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) is the credentialing organization for the genetic counseling profession in the United States and Canada.

25 Mar 2015

The American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics certifies individuals and accredits training programs in the field of human genetics. The establishment of the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics evolved out of a recognized need and commitment by the founding members to improve the level and standards of clinical care in the area of medical genetics, both for the care giver and the institutions providing care. It was also apparent that within this rapidly-expanding field, specific areas of expertise were emerging, all equally important components of the clinical genetics health care delivery system.

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