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17 Luglio 2019
11 Luglio 2019

The candidate will join a team coordinated by dr Luca Mazzarella and will operate at the interface between clinical and basic research to explore molecular mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis and therapeutic resistance, with a highly multidisciplinary approach.

The candidate shall operate within the IEO campus and in contact with the Clinical Genomics unit at IEO, within a large and expanding bioinformatics community. Available state-of-the-art facilities include Illumina Novaseq and HiSeq, ION Torrent S5, 10x Chromium, Oxford Nanopore sequencers.
The applicant must have excellent analytical skills, a strong statistical background, ability to work independently and as part of a team, very good oral/written communication and interpersonal skills to efficiently interact with the experimental collaborators and write and/or contribute to production of research reports and publications for peer reviewed journals.

For further info or to arrange an informal interview, please write to 

11 Luglio 2019

The Cancer Genomics working group of the Alleanza contro il Cancro national network is seeking a motivated bioinformaticians for positions based at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan.

 ACC genomics is seeking a motivated bioinformatician to coordinate the bioinformatics efforts within the multiple projects. The candidate will be based at the IEO in Milan, where he/she will also interact with one of the largest computational biology communities in Italy
This is an excellent opportunity to conduct cutting-edge bioinformatics in the clinical field and to pioneer the emerging field of clinical bioinformatics. 
For further info or to arrange an informal interview, please write to:


11 Luglio 2019

The lab of Martin Schaefer is now recruiting two early-career scientists with a strong computational background. We are looking for talented and interested candidates on either pre- or postdoctoral level. Predoctoral candidates will be first hired on a temporary fellowship and are expected to apply to the SEMM PhD call 2019. Postdocs will receive a three year fellowship (1+2).

For more information or for sending an application (which should include a CV, cover letter, expected availability date, a list of publications and contact details of 2 - 3 referees) please contact:


11 Luglio 2019

Post-doctoral position in the Research Group of Prof. Diego Pasini at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO, Milan). The position will be filled as soon as we have identified the ideal candidate.
A competitive salary will be offered depending on experience.
Application details:
Applicants should summit a brief motivation letter, CV, and contact details for two referees to: Dr. Karin Ferrari (

For more info

Research Gate:

Full publication list (PubMed):


11 Luglio 2019

The candidate will be asked to pursue a research program aimed at exploring the biology of mutant FLT3 using a combination of imaging, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics techniques.

For further info or to arrange an informal interview, please write to


The laboratory of Pier Paolo di Fiore at IEO is seeking an outstanding and highly motivated candidate with training in stem cell biology and/or energy metabolism for a postdoctoral Research Fellow position in the field of Stem Cell Biology, Metabolism and Metastasis. The successful candidate will work on funded projects to define how dysfunction in mitochondrial dynamics and/or metabolic pathways regulate fate specification of normal stem cells, as well as the ability of cancer stem cell to drive tumor progression. Specifically, the project will employ metabolomics and metabolic pathway analysis to investigate the involvement of specific oncogenic pathways in the selection of clones of cancer stem cells responsible for tumor progression towards metastasis. 

Interested applicants should submit a letter of application, CV, and references to:

Daniela Tosoni, PhD (

Salvatore Pece, MD (


11 Luglio 2019

SCADENZA: 5 Agosto 2019

Bando D.R. 2279/2019 del 20/06/2019 a complessivi n. 59 posti

Link e contatti

11 Luglio 2019

 Si comunica che con decreto rettorale n. 2044 del 10 maggio  2019 e' indetta la seguente procedura selettiva finalizzate alla copertura di un posto di professore di prima fascia mediante chiamata, ai sensi dell'art. 18, comma  1,  della  legge  n.  240/2010  e  del  relativo regolamento di Ateneo per il dipartimento, i settori concorsuali e i settori scientifico disciplinari di seguito indicati: Dipartimento  di  neuroscienze,  riabilitazione,  oftalmologia, genetica e scienze materno-infantili (dinogmi) chiamata su posto di professore di prima fascia per il  settore concorsuale 06/A1 Genetica medica, settore  scientifico  disciplinare MED/03 Genetica medica - un posto.

Scadenza: 18 luglio 2019


10 Luglio 2019


Posizioni di Consultant in Clinical Genetics e Consultant in Clinical Cancer Genetics


Link e contatti

Dr.ssa Lucy Side

10 Luglio 2019

Attivato presso il Dipartimento di Scienze della Salute dell’Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale

Durata: annuale

Presentazione della domanda di ammissione: entro l’11 ottobre 2019, h. 12:00

Pubblicazione della graduatoria: 25 ottobre 2019, h. 12:00

Presentazione della domanda di iscrizione: entro l’8 novembre 2019, h. 12:00

Quota di iscrizione: € 2.800,00. I rata: € 1.500,00, da versarsi entro il termine previsto per l’iscrizione; II rata: € 1.300,00, entro il 30 giugno 2020.

Inizio delle lezioni: novembre 2019
Fine delle lezioni: ottobre 2020

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